Friday, July 16, 2010


If you could see my heart now,
I think you'd see it smile
And if you take good care of it
You can hold it for a while.

My chest it feels so empty,
My eyes form two black holes
What I gave you, you ripped to pieces,
My heart, my mind, my soul.

My stomachs filled with butterflies
My fingers tingle too
And even when i close my eyes
I only think of you.

My hearts in bloody pieces,
Lying trampled on the ground
My mouth opens to scream your name
But I can't make a sound.

I see you walk towards me
Transparent stories, untold
But when I see you walk away,
The nights they seem so cold.

The halls echo, so empty.
I turn to watch you go
and with my heart you walk away,
But yours I'll never know.

And so, I sit here waiting.
I hope you feel it too.
But, I know I'll never have the courage
To tell you: I Love You.

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